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"The Oxford Diplomacy and Geopolitics Forum Summer Programme on International Affairs is an outstanding forum for learning and discussion. Bringing together well-informed students and experienced geopolitical practitioners, it is a stimulating event for all concerned, fulfilling the essential purpose of an academic event: scholarship and a rigorous and open exchange of views." 

 - Nicholas Williams OBE, former NATO Head of Operations in Afghanistan

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Congratulations to our Summer Programme Class of 2022! 

The Oxford Summer Programme on International Affairs, at St Edmund Hall in the University of Oxford, July 3rd to 10th, 2022

Confronting pressing challenges in diplomacy, geopolitics, and international affairs

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Applications for Summer Programme 2023 open autumn 2022

Founded by faculty, alumni, and post-graduate students from the University of Oxford with ties to the foreign policy and defence establishment, the Oxford Diplomacy and Geopolitics Forum is an independent think tank and policy research centre which seeks to merge the gap between traditional academic programmes and the increasingly complex, pragmatic needs of policymakers. We are committed to integrating the worlds of knowledge and practice by providing supplementary educational opportunities (lectures, conferences, research, and policy delegations) for matriculated members of the University of Oxford intellectual community. We also provide educational opportunities for the broader public, tailored towards student leaders, young professionals, and the next generation of world leaders. 

Our focus is on confronting pressing challenges in national security and international affairs, rooted first and foremost in the United Kingdom – as the historic, cultural, and geographic lynchpin of the transatlantic Pax Americana – as well as the broader Anglosphere, and Allied community of states. 


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